Why choose Rosa Mira?

Principal, Penelope Todd, is the author of several YA novels, a memoir, the novel Island and collaborative novel Amigas. She has worked in recent years as a publisher’s editor, mentor, tutor and manuscript assessor. Her website is here.

Here readers find ebooks they can trust and writers receive their dues.

Readers: While the ideal might always be the beautifully bound book sitting warm in the hand, our world also demands alternatives to the milling of trees and long-distance haulage; it calls for ecologically smart, discreet, and low-space.

New Zealand’s pioneering digital-first publisher, Rosa Mira Books offer the kind of delectable reading experience that makes you forget you’re not holding a paperback. Read our ebooks while you wait for volcanoes to subside, the bath to fill, the bus to arrive.

We present to our readers ebooks that are stimulating, dynamic, fresh, and ultimately heartening, because that is the kind of writer we seek.

Writers: Rosa Mira Books offers a menu of services  including, in some cases, publication here.

Rosa Mira Books hand-picks a few manuscripts each year — work that, in collaboration with the author, is edited, designed and marketed to the highest publishing standards for ebook download.

Inspired by Daniel Andreev’s, The Rose of the World or Роза Мира, Rosa Mira, we publish work that bears ‘the mark of talent and at least one of the following: a sense of beauty, broad scope, profundity of thought, sharpness of insight, purity of heart, or a joyful spirit’ notwithstanding ‘a keen awareness of the world’s darker depths’.


n.b. we are not currently seeking manuscripts

Rosa Mira Books seeks well-written fiction and non-fiction manuscripts from NZ and international authors. (No poetry or children’s books yet.) If selected, your manuscript is edited, designed, formatted as an ebook and marketed for international sale as an ebook download.

We look for writing that is wise, adventurous, playful, emboldening and progressive — intelligent work with heart.

See our FAQs for authors.