Melissa Green

Melissa GreenMelissa Green, born in Boston, Massachusetts, has published two books of poetry, The Squanicook Eclogues and Fifty-Two, and a memoir, Color is the Suffering of Light. She has written a book about Héloïse and Abelard, and two more books of poetry, The Marsh Poems and Magpiety.

Her celebrated first volume, The Squanicook Eclogues, four long poems that weave memory and landscape with an almost religious understanding of the passage of time, received the Norma Farber Award from the Poetry Society of America 1989 and the Lavan Younger Poets Prize from the Academy of American Poets. Smith College Poetry Center

Anna Livia pronounces Melissa ‘a poet’s poet’ in her review of The Squanicook Eclogues.

Her work has been published by AgniThe Paris ReviewThe New Republic, and the New York Review of Books.

Melissa talks with Rosa Mira Books about her writing here.

Watch ‘A Tribute to Melissa Green’ — fifteen poets read new work of their own and at 40 minutes, Melissa reads her poetry.

The Ottoman Estate has audios of Melissa reading several poems, including ‘Portrait of an Artist: Brodsky’.

AGNI online has an author page dedicated to Melissa, and about 20 of her poems.

Parnassus Poetry Review online presents an excerpt of The Linen Way.

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