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Welcome, all writers.

While the bar remains high for publication under the Rosa Mira Books imprint, we wish to offer encouragement and/or active help for any writers who seek it.

Obligation-free offer: twenty minutes of Skype or email time to discuss where you’re at with your work, or for you to pick my brains about your writing or publishing options.

Manuscript assessment: as brief or as detailed as you choose.  Two options:

Read-and-report — verbal or written. You’ll have my opinion on whether your manuscript is working, where and why it does or doesn’t. $90 per 10,000 words

OR: Full written report on all elements of the manuscript from narrative arc and character development to structure and style. $120 per 10,000 words

Style assessment: based on a few pages of your work, a report on the strengths and weaknesses of your writing, and some simple ways to make it more robust and concise. $60 per hour

Mentorship or coaching: tailored to your needs, whether for occasional discussions or regular appointments to keep you motivated and to discuss questions arising as you write your current opus. $70 per hour

Structural editing: You’ve completed your manuscript but you’re not sure if your plot elements, pacing and character development are sound. I can offer advice for your redraft. $50 per hour

Copy editing: We make sure every sentence is sound, all grammar and punctuation present and correct.  $50 per hour

Proof-reading: don’t let your manuscript leave home without it. $35 per hour

I’m open to payment in goods or services instead of or as well as cash.